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Vintage Jewellery x SFGC

Vintage Jewellery x SFGC


"The perfect present for a better future We stand firmly behind this motto of Sustainable Fashion GiftCard. Because say it yourself, how nice is it to give a gift that is not only beautiful, but also contributes to a better world? A world that we and the generations after us may enjoy for a long time. Provided we all do our best. And Vintage Jewellery X SFGC makes it really fun to do your best!


SFGC stands for Sustainable Fashion GiftCard, in other words, it is the gift card for sustainable fashion. The card works just like other gift cards (think of Fashion Cheque), but can only be redeemed at affiliated sustainable fashion partners. In other words: the Fashion Pioneers. As well as Vintage Jewellery, there are also other wonderful shops connected, such as The Collection One in Amsterdam, Bij Priester clothing library in The Hague, bag brand Fraenck in Arnhem and slow fashion by Leonie Vlaar in Utrecht. But also think of cool things to do, like a sewing course or sustainable fashion advice from style coach Chiara Spruit.

Vintage Jewellery is a fashion pioneer affiliated with SFGC. With Vintage Jewellery, you not only choose beautiful and unique, but also sustainable. We purchase the jewellery from private individuals, or sometimes we come across beautiful vintage collections within our extensive network. Nothing is produced from scratch, except for the jewellery from Vintage Jewellery Atelier. For these pieces, we use recycled gold from pieces that are no longer wearable or restorable. We call this 'old gold', which we also buy from private individuals. This way, we don't have to use newly mined gold and we don't deplete the earth. We simply work with all the beautiful materials that Mother Earth has already given us.


We believe in the concept of the Sustainable Fashion GiftCard to introduce friends, family and acquaintances to the fantastic world of sustainable fashion in a fun way. There are still plenty of people who don't know exactly what sustainable means, and how they can make that choice. A gift card with a nice amount of money, big or small, will also let them get to know all the interesting initiatives that are out there! And for those who are already familiar with it, it is simply a great gift to spend in one of their favourite or new shops.

We are striving for a world where the sustainable choice is self-evident. But until then, we all find creative ways to stimulate a liveable future. So give a Sustainable Fashion GiftCard as a present! Or hand in your SFGC to us, and receive a special gift in return. Special for you, important for the generations to come.


Spending with us is very simple. Once you have found the piece of jewellery of your dreams, place it in the shopping basket. Then click on 'pay'. This will lead you to the next screen where you can enter your address details. Then choose 'gift card' as the payment method. Then you can choose 'sustainable fashion giftcard' and enter your personal code. The amount on the card will be deducted from the amount to be paid. The possible remaining amount can be paid via iDeal, Credit Card, Afterpay or Klarna.

Enthusiastic or want to know more about the SFGC? Then take a look at the website. And who knows, maybe you will soon give or receive one of the coolest gift cards to exchange for a beautiful present.

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