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Looking for information or have press related questions? Please contact us at [email protected] Previously Vintage Jewellery appeared in Grazia, among others,
Kek Mama, &C, Twinkle and on various social media channels. 

Vintage jewelry is our passion. Turning a passion into a successful business
is like a dream come true. We at VintageJewellery like to share that dream as widely
as widely as possible. That's why we are open to collaborations in various areas.
Let's continue the story.

Various collaborations
Would you like to borrow vintage jewelry for a fashion shoot? Planning an editorial in a magazine?
in a magazine? Or busy styling for a music video? At VintageJewellery we lend
We lend out our unique jewelry for various projects. It is important to us that the style
of the publication is in line with what we think is beautiful and want to convey. In this way
we get the best out of both the image and the jewelry. We are advocates
of aesthetic diversity and are always curious about unique, innovative projects.
So please contact us if you want to know more about the possibilities. 

Our jewelry is unique and precious. Of course there are some conditions regarding the lending of
of jewelry are subject to a number of conditions. Moreover, this remains at all times a custom job.
After filling in the contact form we will always contact you to discuss the possibilities.
with you to discuss the possibilities. This is followed by an appointment
with regard to the loan.  

For other questions from the press and information about current developments you can also use the contact form.
Use the contact form. We strive to process requests within one working day.
processing within one working day.