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Aquamarine: Stone of the Sea

It comes from the old Latin name aqua marina, which means: sea water. What are we talking about? Right, aquamarine. An incredibly beautiful gemstone that is bluer than the bluest seawater. Here you can read all about one of our favorite gemstones, which was also often used in jewelry in the past.


aquamarine gemstone

It takes a while, but then you also have something

Aquamarine is a rare, and therefore quite precious gemstone. The physical composition is based on a variety of the beryl mineral family, which also includes emerald, for example. Aquamarine is formed from the reaction of magma (the liquid rock that lies beneath the Earth's surface - called lava after an eruption) with pegmatites. Pegmatite is a rock with a high mineral content. When magma and pegmatite come together, large amounts of heat are created. This causes aquamarine crystals to form in the rock. The blue color results from the presence of iron in this reaction.

Quite a chemical process, it sounds like! The result is a breathtakingly beautiful gemstone.

The largest concentration of natural Aquamarine can be found in Brazil. The largest aquamarine ever found was also found here. In 1910, an aquamarine mineral weighing 110 kilograms was mined! In addition, the gemstone is mined in mines in the African countries of Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique and Angola. There are also aquamarine deposits in Russia, Pakistan and India.

The effect of aquamarine

The clear light blue gemstone is known to be suitable for highly sensitive people. It would enlighten, rejoice and learn to let go under the influence of the phase of the moon. In this way, aquamarine has a positive effect on 'midnfulness' and thus improves emotional well-being. It would also learn to show compassion and compassion under any circumstance of life. In the long run, this can contribute to an intrinsically happy life.

Based on this, it will not surprise you that in ancient times, it was already believed that aquamarine had a purifying, calming effect. It would promote wisdom and insight, qualities that were highly valued, especially in antiquity. Even greater appreciation came from the belief that aquamarine would save navigators from the wrath of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. So if aquamarine was present on the boat, the sailors felt assured of a safe journey. The gem assisted them in prayers to Poseidon. Sometimes, in an emergency, aquamarine amulets were thrown overboard as offerings. The only question that remains for us is whether this has always helped, and who knows what beautiful amulets still lie on the seabed today.

Jewelry with aquamarine

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