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Ring size

First you fall for that stunning appearance. The unique sparkle and vibrant colours. You find yourself instantly falling in love, with a ring! But then comes the size. The right ring size is an important issue with vintage jewellery; after all, there is only one of each ring. Fortunately, determining the right ring size is quite simple and easy to do yourself at home. Based on the ways below, you'll know your ring size in seconds.

Measuring using a matching ring

  1. Take a ruler and a ring that fits snugly around the desired finger.
  2. Measure the diameter of the inside of the ring in millimetres.
  3. The measured size in millimetres is your ring size.

Example: If the diameter of the inside of the ring is 16 millimetres, then your ring size is 16.

Measuring the circumference of your finger

  1. Take a strip of paper or string, a ruler and a pen.
  2. Wrap the strip of paper or string tightly around your finger.
  3. Make a mark with the pen where the paper or string touches.
  4. Using the ruler, measure the length of the paper or string to the line in millimetres.
  5. Use the table below to determine which ring size belongs to the measured circumference of your finger.

Example: If the measured circumference of your ring finger is 50 millimetres, your ring size is 16.

Measuring with your smartphone

Use an app 'Ring Sizer' from the App Store on your iPhone.

RIngen met edelsteenMeasuring a ring size with a strip of paper

•    Cut out a strip of paper about 10 cm long (preferably as thin        as possible)
•    Fold the strip around the knuckle of your finger (this is the          widest part of your finger)
•    Draw a line on the strip where the two meet
•    Measure the length of the piece of paper.
•    Use the table to determine your size.


Gouden ring met granaat

Measuring a ring size with a ruler

•    Place an already well-fitting ring on a ruler.
•    Measure the inside diameter of the ring with a ruler.
•    Use the table to determine your size.






EU ring size Circumference of finger in mm Diameter in mm US ring size UK ring size Inches
14 44 mm 13.7 mm 3 F 0.554
14.5 46 mm 14.6 mm 3.7 G 1/2 0.578
15 47 mm 14.7 mm 4 H 1/2 0.594
15.5 49 mm 15.5 mm 5 J 0.61
16 50 mm 15.9 mm 5.5 K 0.626
16.5 52 mm 16.6 mm 6.4 L 1/2 0.65
17 53 mm 16.9 mm 6.5 M 1/2 0.666
17.5 55 mm 17.5 mm 7.5 O 0.69
18 56 mm 17.8 mm 8 P 0.706
18.5 58 mm 18.3 mm 8.5 Q 1/2 0.722
19 59 mm 18.6 mm 9 R 0.738
19.5 61 mm 19.4 mm 9.5 T 0.77
20 62 mm 19.5 mm 10 T 1/2 0.778
20.5 64 mm 20.3 mm 11 V 0.81
21 66 mm 21.1 mm 12 X 0.834

By the way, good to know: Almost all vintage rings from the collection can be adjusted to size by our goldsmiths Mirjam and Wim. Please contact us for more information. Ring sizes can be measured and indicated in different ways. This can be confusing, but by being consistent in your own measurement method you can always find the right size for yourself.