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We love to see you wearing the most beautiful vintage pieces and bringing them back to life. Join in by sharing your pictures on using or #continuethestory

Vintage lovers

Vintage lovers

The jewellery Vintage Jewellery sells all have their own story and history. Jewellery today is not just simple accessories but vintage jewellery has the power to capture the style of bygone years and eras.

At Vintage Jewellery, we believe that our community is not just made up of high-profile celebrities, but rather mostly diverse individuals who also like to share their passion for vintage jewellery. That's why we would like to invite you to participate in our story. Do you have a favourite ring, bracelet, necklace, brooch or more from our collection? Then be sure to wear this piece with pride and share your photo with us.

If you want to share something with ours, you can do it this way:

  1. Take a beautiful photo of your favourite Vintage Jewellery piece or jewellery. We love being able to really see your own style in this photo.
  2. Share it on your own Instagram and use the hashtag #continuethestory or send the photo to us in a dm. Don't forget to tag us: @Vintagejewellery, so we can actually see your photo too!
  3. Tell us your story: Write a short description of why you love this piece, what memories it might evoke or how it fits your personal style.

If you don't have social media, simply download your photo via the uploader at the top of the page and share your vintage treasure with our followers.

We love seeing different styles wearing our jewellery. Both minimalist looks that have a timeless subtle vintage accent or a bold look with coloured modern pieces with lots of gemstones, we want to see it all! By sharing your photos, you become part of the Vintage Jewellery family but can also inspire others to create their own unique style.


In a rapidly evolving world of fashion and accessories, platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok have a significant influence on the choices consumers make. Vintage Jewellery therefore collaborates with a number of influencers including Maan, Geraldine Kemper, Abby Hoes and more. Their reach allows them to act as trendsetters and inspire their followers with stylish jewellery in different combinations. We therefore look forward to photos and videos of timeless jewellery and inspiring looks. Therefore, we believe that the appeal of our jewellery lies not in its historical value, but rather in its versatile and timeless elegance. When influencers wear our pieces, they bring a contemporary flair and fresh energy to classic designs, keeping them relevant in the modern fashion world. But we believe that they are definitely not the only ones who can inspire us, which is why we asked for your help.

So at Vintage Jewellery, we love to see how you can wear the most beautiful vintage jewellery in your own way and we would love to share your photos with the rest of the world. We hope we can inspire you or you can inspire other people with your unique style. Use #continuethestory on Instagram and who knows, we might share your photos on our social media or website!