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A vintage ring full of character; Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. This model is inspired by Jane Birkin, her simple, classic style that always looks stylish and modern

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Jane ring 14 crt - Aurora
Jane ring 14 crt - Aurora
Jane ring 14 crt  - Ruby Ruby
Jane ring 14 crt - Ruby Ruby
Jane ring 14 krt - Forest
Jane ring 14 krt - Forest
Jane ring 14 krt - Violet
Jane ring 14 krt - Violet
Jane ring 14 krt - London
Jane ring 14 krt - London
Jane ring 14 krt - Madeira
Jane ring 14 krt - Madeira

Jane Birkin

Within the world of fashion and style, there are of course several iconic and influential figures, but rarely is there anyone like Jane Birkin. Indeed, Jane truly had an inimitable style and effortless elegance, which ensured that she had a unique personality and became a huge influence on contemporary fashion. Through her life full of adventures, love and creativity, she influenced the world of film and music in addition to the world of fashion and jewellery. Below we will elaborate on her life's journey, romantic escapades, personal jewellery collection and our unique Atelier ring inspired by this iconic woman.

The life of Jane Birkin

Jane was born on December 14, 1946 in London. She was first noticed in the 1960s and soon gained much fame through various roles, such as in the films "Blow-Up" (1966) and "Wonderwall" (1968). She had long blonde hair, a fresh face and a unique style that gave her a distinctive look which soon made her a favorite of many fashion designers and photographers around the world.

A few years on, Jane also became known as a singer, this came through her collaboration with legendary French singer Serge Gainsbourg. More followed after this first collaboration; their relationship was chaotic but extremely fruitful in terms of creativity. Thus, they released several albums, including the iconic "Je t'aime... moi non plus" (1969), this song had a sensual content that made it receive several reactions at the time.

Jane's life was thus filled with artistic experimentation, travel and a constant search for freedom and expression. She was the mother of three daughters this added an extra dimension to her life, in this she balanced with her career, her personal relationships and her own identity as a woman and artist.

Love life and romantic escapades

Her love life was almost equal to her career, as it was just as colorful and fascinating. She got into a relationship with the aforementioned French singer Serge Gainsbourg. This relationship was very tumultuous, but this was one of the most striking aspects of her life. In fact, their romance began on the set of the movie "Slogan" in 1968, it was characterized by passion, creativity and an unconventional approach to love and relationships. The two had intense chemistry, resulting in some of the most memorable musical collaborations of the 1960s and 1970s.

But unfortunately Jane divorced Serge in 1980, after this she had several other relationships including a marriage to film composer John Barry and a long-term relationship with director Jacques Doillon. Thus, it can be said that her romantic escapades were sometimes chaotic but this reflected her independent spirit and search for fulfillment on Jane's own terms.

As the mother of three daughters, Jane Birkin played a vital role in their lives, imparting her unique blend of love, creativity and independence. Her daughters Kate Barry, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon each became remarkable women in their own way, influenced in part by their own fathers.

Jane's personal jewellery collection

Jane had an extensive and diverse collection of personal jewellery that reflected her unique style and personality. Some notable pieces from her collection included:

  • Gold locket: The gold locket Jane wore had a photograph of her three daughters on the inside. A treasured piece of jewellery she always wore close to her heart. This symbolizes her love and devotion to her family.
  • Vintage diamond bracelet: This is a classic piece that embodied elegance and timeless beauty. The diamonds added a touch of glamour to jane's outfits.
  • Turquoise necklace: A playful addition to her jewellery collection, the color of the necklace could occasionally breathe some vibrancy into the look. She then wore it especially around the summer months.
  • Gold rings with gemstone: The vintage gold rings, then, Jane could greatly appreciate. These rings were not only a showpiece of craftsmanship but also a tangible reminder of loved ones and special moments.

Each piece of jewellery contributed to Jane Birkin's unique style and personality, thus they all had their own story or meaning in her life.

Jane as a ring

Our Atelier rings are inspired by iconic figures such as Jane Birkin, the rings can be paired with character traits of these style figures. The Jane ring has elegant lines and a classic design. In addition, the ring is crafted with meticulous materials of the highest quality, including recycled 14 crt gold and refined gemstones. The gemstones to choose from are opal, amethyst, citrine, tourmaline, ruby and topaz. In addition, the colorful stone in the center is surrounded by diamonds.

Why choose the Jane ring from Vintage Jewellery?

  1. Timeless elegance: The Jane ring captures the timeless elegance of the style icon and adds a touch of glamour to any occasion.
  2. High quality materials: The use of recycled 14 crt gold ensures that this ring is still durable despite being made new. Top quality and refinement can therefore be guaranteed. Thus, our ring is made to shine for a long time.
  3. Versatility: whether you're attending a formal occasion or having a casual day, this ring will match any outfit and style
  4. Unique design: our ring was inspired by Jane's signature style, as well as a vintage ring we had in the store. The model is designed with attention to detail, making it a unique and distinctive accessory.


Jane Birkin was an iconic figure in fashion, on the silver screen and in music. She had a timeless style and was characterized by her independent spirit, this resulted in a lasting influence on the world of fashion and jewellery. Her life was filled with artistic discoveries, romantic escapades and a devotion to her family, including her three talented daughters. Her personal jewellery collection reflected her unique taste and love of beauty in all its forms. Jane Birkin's legacy lives on as an inspiration for creativity, individuality and timeless elegance.

Please note that Vintage Jewellery Atelier rings are subject to a different delivery time of up to five weeks. These rings are "made to order" and are set by hand by our goldsmith. So it takes a little more time (and a lot of love), but we promise you: it's worth it.