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At Vintage Jewellery, we merge timeless elegance and unique style. Discover our extensive collection of pin rings here, a symbol of sophistication and personal expression. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or a subtle addition to your ensemble,

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Gold signet ring 14 krt
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Gold pin ring 14 krt
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Gold ring with turquoise 18 krt

Pinky Rings

A pinky ring, also called a pinky band or pinky seal ring, is a particular type of ring worn only around the little finger of the hand. Originally used for sealing documents, this ring later evolved into a fashion accessory that to this day symbolizes style and individuality. The pinky ring is very popular because of the unique touch it can add to any outfit.

What kind of pinky rings are there?

Vintage Jewellery has a wide range a pinky rings with different types of styles, for example you can choose classic but we also have some more modern designs. For example, our pinky rings have different types of gemstones, you can think of a layer stone, carnelian or (white) onyx. There are plenty of options so there is something for everyone. In addition to the stone, our vintage designs also have several worked designs, with delicate details or a contemporary twist with clean lines and bold accents.

How do you wear a pinky ring?

There are several ways a gold pinky ring or pinky seal ring can be worn. For example, you can choose to wear them solo for an understated look, or you can stack them with other rings for a bold and quirky look. A pinky ring can go with both a minimalist approach or just a lavish style, pinky rings can add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Benefits of wearing a pinky ring

Apart from all the glamour and elegance that a pinky ring brings, these rings also have practical benefits. Namely, it ensures that it adds a subtle accent to your hand gestures, highlighting your personal finesse and style. But some people wear their pinky rings with engravings or initials as a discreet and personal identifier.

Tips for buying a pinky ring

When you plan to purchase a pinky ring, it is important to take a few things into account. For example, everyone has different personal tastes, it is important to consider what kind of occasions you want to wear the ring on. And finally, we recommend buying a pinky ring from a (vintage) jeweler, or so be sure that the pinky ring is gold and real stones have been used.

Pinky ring for ladies

Let Vintage Jewellery enchant you with our timelessly elegant and sophisticated ladies' pinky rings. Whether you are looking for a subtle statement piece for everyday wear or a striking accessory for special occasions, our selection offers a range of styles, from classic to contemporary. Thus, there is something for everyone in our collection, namely designs with delicate gemstones, or conversely floral motifs and sophisticated engravings. And actually much more. Each pinky ring has its own unique character, adding a touch of glamour to any outfit.

Men's pinky ring

Step into the world of masculine elegance and timeless style with our collection of men's pinky rings. Men's pinky rings are designed to capture the essence of masculinity with a subtle yet powerful look. Thus, Vintage Jewellery offers a wide range of sophisticated designs and robust styles. From classic signet rings to modern and minimalist designs, our collection features many different styles and colors. From sophisticated accent or bold statement for a special occasion, you are assured of style and character with our men's pinky rings.

Order your pinky ring online

Order your favorite pinky ring easily and securely online at Vintage Jewellery. Browse our extensive collection, select the perfect ring and have it conveniently delivered to your home. Above all, do not wait too long to order if you have found a beautiful ring. All our vintage rings are unique, and that means that we only have one copy of everything in stock. Orders to the Netherlands and Belgium are shipped free of charge, insured on the same day of ordering, provided you order before 17:00. Vintage Jewellery ships worldwide, see all shipping costs and delivery times here.