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Sustainable diamond

The hardest raw material ever found on Earth is diamond. It is the only gemstone that consists of only one element. Diamond consists of pure carbon that crystallizes as a result of very high pressure and temperature. This happens in the interior of the earth at a depth of 150 to 200 kilometers below the earth's surface. Of all the diamonds that are found, only 20% is suitable for use in jewelry.

In addition, there are now also 'lab-grown' diamonds. These are made in a laboratory where they grow under the same condition as in nature, i.e. with a high temperature and pressure. These diamonds have the same properties as the traditional ones. Only the origin is different. In addition, these diamonds are also up to 50% cheaper. This makes diamonds accessible to a much wider audience.

Gold princess ring with diamond


A diamond in the rough

On the one hand, diamonds are rare, because only a small percentage is good enough to use in jewelry. On the other hand, an awful lot of these stones can be found deep in the earth. Diamonds have great value, because in scarcity lies value. Craftsmanship also increases the value of diamonds. A rough diamond is worth less than a polished diamond.

Sustainability is a broad concept. What it really comes down to is that people, the environment and the economy are in balance, so that the earth does not become exhausted. That is why the lab-grown diamonds are sustainable to use. They are nature friendly, as it has no impact on nature through mining.

Enchantment and beauty

The word diamond comes from the Greek word 'adamas'. This means invincible and amounts to everlasting fidelity. Until the 15th century, diamonds were only worn by kings and rulers. This then stood as a symbol of power, courage and invincibility. Today it is worn by more people with a different meaning. Think of romance, mysticism, passion, enchantment and beauty.

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