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Tourmaline: Complex yet versatile gemstone

Tourmaline is a versatile gemstone that comes in a variety of colors. From pink to green, and from blue to yellow. In addition, it is a protective stone, with positive effects on humans and animals. In fact, tourmaline is not one stone, but an entire family of faithful allies!

Golden necklace with tourmaline

Complex beauty

Tourmaline has a particularly complex atomic structure, which accounts for the negatively and positively charged parts of the stone, for example. According to the ancient Egyptians, the gemstone fell from heaven to earth, hitting a rainbow and taking in every color of it. Including black and colorlessness! Tourmaline was not brought to Europe by sailors until relatively late, in the 18th century. Today, it is found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Pakistan, Western Australia, Afghanistan, Mexico and Italy, among other places. Like diamond, in addition to jewelry art, it is now often used in the manufacture of medical devices.

Black tourmaline

In addition to the colorful gemstones, there is also black tourmaline. ‘Schorle’ is also called this dark version of the gemstone, and it has been known and loved since ancient times. In fact, we always assume black tourmaline when we talk about just ‘tourmaline’ (i.e., without a color designation). Both the Greeks and the Ancient Egyptians believed that black tourmaline stimulates self-confidence and perseverance. In addition, it seemed to have magical properties. When it was heated on a wood fire, it attracted the ash on which the stone was heated. At the time, this was a great and powerful mystery. Today we know that this effect is electrical, similar to static hair, for example. The electrical charge is caused by the special composition of black tourmaline, which, when heated, charges positively on one side of the stone, and negatively on the other. This indicates the pyroelectric property of tourmaline.

Effective against radiation

The black version of tourmaline gemstone has a number of distinctive properties. For example, it can protect against radiations in contemporary life. When you put black tourmaline next to an electrical appliance, such as a TV or computer, it can help reduce the radiation and stop harmful effects. The quality of the stone is very important here. In addition to colorful and deep black, there is also colorless tourmaline. This is the rarest form of tourmaline.

The golden triangle

Perhaps you’ve heard of the gemstones golden triangle? That’s a powerful trio made up of rock crystal, rose quartz and amethyst. Tourmaline is often added to this for extra protection against outside negative influences, as tourmaline can both absorb (negative) and give off (positive) energy. With its beautiful dual effect and complex structure, Tourmaline fits perfectly with the constellation Scorpio, and the month of November.

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