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Ring with emerald and diamond 9 krt
Ring with emerald and diamond 9 krt
Gold ring with emerald 14 krt
Gold ring with emerald 14 krt
Katharine ring 14 krt - Emerald
Atelier collectie
Katharine ring 14 krt - Emerald
Gold ring with emerald, sapphire and diamond 18 krt
Gold ring with emerald, sapphire and diamond 18 krt
Gold ring with emerald and diamond 18 krt
Gold ring with emerald and diamond 18 krt

Vintage rings

On this page you will find beautiful and unusual vintage rings. Are you looking for gold or silver? A beautiful signet ring, or are gemstones more your style? Would you like a special - and unique - engagement ring? Or are you just crazy about diamonds? Whatever you're looking for, within our collection of vintage and antique rings you'll find something to suit you.

Each ring is unique

And have you found something that suits you - lucky you! Then soon there will be something special on your finger. Something that no one else has. When you choose from our collection of vintage and retro rings, you choose not only a beautiful ring, but also something personal.

Here you choose from a special selection of rings - vintage, retro and antique - made by the artists and craftsmen from all over the world. Each vintage or antique ring is made with love and passion, with strong attention to detail. And in addition to being made with love, they are also worn with love. Vintage rings carry a story that deserves to be seen and honored. Thus, each piece of jewellery carries with it a unique story, and so when you wear such a ring, you also carry a piece of history with you. Vintage rings are more than just jewellery; they exude personality, style and history.

Through our webshop you will get an accessible overview of the most beautiful vintage rings. A vintage ring is particularly known for its classic look. Antique rings often feature stunning decorations and details derived from nature. Discover different styles, such as art deco, art nouveau, 1950s jewellery or retro rings.

Style periods

The vintage rings in our collection all come from different periods. For example, we have rings from the Victorian period, which were made between 1837 and 1901 and are often decorated with subtle engravings and filigree. Jewelry from this period also often features romantic symbols such as hearts and flowers.

Rings from the Edwardian era (1901-1910) are often more refined and contain subtle details. Like Victorian jewelry, edwardian jewelry also often featured fine filigree work.

In addition, some rings in our collection come from the Art Deco period. This period, which took place between 1919 and 1939, mainly used clean lines, geometric designs and bright colors. Sapphire, emerald and ruby were often set in jewelry during this period to give it some extra color. Art Deco rings have a distinctive modern look.

From 1935 to 1950, larger and bolder designs became more popular. Gold accents and striking gemstones were used during this retro period. Retro jewelry is characterized by large, eye-catching designs with geometric shapes and symmetry. This gave these pieces of jewelry a striking and glamorous look.

Vintage engagement rings

Have you found the love of your life and are ready to propose? Then stamp your unique bond with a vintage engagement ring. Within our collection, you're sure to find the perfect vintage ring with diamonds that will make the moment between the two of you even more special.

Of course, an engagement ring does not always have to contain diamonds, nowadays many proposals are also made with rings that contain other gemstones. For example, rings with sapphire, emerald or ruby are also often used to propose. Despite that, though, diamonds are the most popular choice for an engagement ring. Diamonds symbolize eternal love because of their indestructible properties. Sapphire is often chosen because the stone symbolizes loyalty and genuine love. Sapphire is also often associated with royalty. Emeralds symbolize growth and renewal, and rubies represent passion and love.

The world of vintage rings is wonderful. Be surprised and shop your favourite vintage gold or silver ring now. Do you go for a colourful vintage emerald ring, or do you like classic in the form of an antique gemstone ring, such as sapphire or ruby?


At Vintage Jewellery, we value the quality and authenticity of our vintage rings. Each product is carefully selected and checked to ensure its quality. For example, we first check the grade of the ring, which is often 9, 14, 18 carat gold or white gold or 950 platinum. A gemologist also looks at what stone is in the ring to ensure its authenticity. The rings are carefully cleaned, polished and restored if necessary. When you purchase the ring, you will receive a handwritten certificate.

Vintage rings are easy to combine with other jewelry. Pair your vintage ring with multiple vintage rings for a bold look, or wear your ring with a matching bracelet. This could be a set or a bracelet with a similar style, such as Victorian or art deco. While it is fun to combine vintage jewellery, you can also wear some modern jewellery that contrasts with the vintage ring. For example, you can consider wearing different styles, metals and gemstones to go for a more eclectic look.

Adjust ring size

Have you chosen a beautiful ring but it doesn't quite fit yet? Our specialized goldsmiths will gladly adjust it for you. For a reduced price we can make the ring bigger or smaller for you. Having doubts about the right ring size or don't know how to measure your ring size? We have the perfect explanation on how to measure your ring size, you can find it here. Still can't figure it out? We will gladly help you choose the right size, or customize your favorite ring.

Order your vintage ring online

Have you found a special vintage ring and would you like to have it? Then don't wait too long to order. All our vintage rings are unique, and that means that we only have one copy of everything in stock. Orders to the Netherlands and Belgium are shipped free, insured same day of ordering, provided you order before 17:00. Vintage Jewellery ships worldwide view all shipping costs and delivery times here.


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