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A vintage collection full of character; a master of minimalism. This model inspired by Grace Kelly, her timeless and understated style, characterized by her natural beauty and elegance.

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Grace hanger 14 krt - Lime
Grace hanger 14 krt - Lime

Grace Kelly Collection

Grace Kelly is an iconic Hollywood star and later Princess of Monaco. Today, she is still considered an inspiration for elegance and style. Grace is known for her incomparable grace and sophistication that is admired even today. In addition to her career on the silver screen, she also had impeccable taste and love for fine jewellery. Grace Kelly left behind a legacy that still shines like a bright diamond. An icon of classic-Hollywood glamour, Grace knew perfectly how to accentuate her beauty and charm with the right accessories, including an exquisite collection of vintage jewellery. From exquisite pearls to sparkling diamonds, every piece Grace owned had a sophisticated appeal and enhanced her timeless allure.

History of Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly was born on Nov. 12, 1929, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of John Brendan Kelly Sr. and Margaret Katherine Majer, and she grew up in a prosperous and close-knit family where sports played an important role. Her father was a successful Olympic rower and later a well-known businessman, while her mother was a devoted homemaker.

Grace attended Ravenhill Academy where she excelled especially in drama and debate. After this, she went on to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City to further develop her acting skills. Grace was a dedicated young woman who was remarkably talented at a young age; she was soon given small roles in plays and television programs.

In 1950, she made her Broadway debut in the play "The Father. Afterwards, she received many positive reactions and rave reviews for her role in the show. Consequently, she moved to Hollywood fairly quickly to try her luck in the film industry. In 1952, she broke through in the film "High Noon" and was noticed by the director Alfred Hitchcock. He asked her to star in the thriller 'Dial M for Murder' (1954). Acting in these films established Grace Kelly as a promising and talented actress of her time.

Apart from her success in the film world, Grace also had an interesting love life. For example, she had many relationships with several prominent men, including William Holden and fashion photographer Howell Conant. At the bottom, the Prince of Monaco, Rainier || really won her heart. In 1956, she met the prince at the Cannes Film Festival, and it was love at first sight. The engagement quickly took place and they married in a fairytale ceremony in Monaco. Because of the engagement, the actress did have to give up her career to devote herself to her role as princess and mother.

Her life unfortunately ended tragically after a car accident in 1982, but Grace Kelly continued to live on in the hearts of millions of people around the world. To this day, she is an icon of style, beauty and elegance. Her influence remains felt forever in the world of film, fashion and culture.

Pearls and Diamonds

Grace Kelly was extremely fond of pearls and diamonds, these made her a tremendously elegant woman. Her fondness for pearls was magnificent; she wore them with grace, from simple pearl earrings to more lavish pearl necklaces. Everywhere Grace could add pearls to her outfit, from the most formal to the most informal occasions. In terms of style, she had an infallible sense of fashion and sophistication.

In addition to pearls, diamonds were also an important part of Grace Kelly's collection. So she wore timeless diamond ear studs to striking diamond bracelets, the sparkle of the diamonds emphasizing her natural beauty and elegance. She pretty much always left a lasting impression through her subtle, yet striking, jewellery choice.

Grace her engagement ring

The most iconic piece Grace has ever owned is undoubtedly her engagement ring. When Prince Rainier III of Monaco went down on one knee in 1956, he opened a box containing a striking ring with a 10.47-carat diamond surrounded by two baguette-cut diamonds. The engagement ring was made by the Cartier jewellery house, Grace's ring is therefore considered one of the most stunning engagement rings of all time. The ring was very elegant and therefore perfectly reflected the love between Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier.

Heritage of Style and Elegance

Grace Kelly's influence has extended tremendously far beyond the confines of Hollywood and the royal family of Monaco. Many designers have been inspired by Grace's style, and around the world, her jewellery choices continued to guide today's fashion icons. Vintage jewellery inspired by Grace Kelly remains popular due to its timeless style.

Why choose the Grace collection from Vintage Jewellery?

  • Timeless elegance: The Grace collection captures the timeless elegance of the style icon and adds a touch of glamour to any occasion.
  • High quality materials: The use of recycled 14 crt gold ensures that this collection is still durable despite being made new. Top quality and refinement can therefore be guaranteed. Thus, our collection is made to shine for a long time.
  • Versatility: whether you're attending a formal occasion or having a casual day, this ring will match any outfit and style.
  • Unique design: our collection was inspired by Grace's signature style, as well as a vintage ring we had in the store. The model is designed with attention to detail, making it a unique and distinctive accessory.


Our Grace collection is a tribute to the timeless elegance and sophistication of Grace Kelly, an icon of beauty and style. Inspired by the legendary engagement ring Grace received from her Prince Rainier, this collection exudes timeless allure with its central colorful gemstone with sparkling diamonds on either side. Every detail has been carefully designed to embody Grace's elegant look. With the Grace collection, women or men everywhere can embrace and cherish the timeless style of Grace Kelly.

Please note that Vintage Jewellery Atelier rings and pendants are subject to a different delivery time of up to five weeks. This collection is "made to order" and are set by hand by our goldsmith. So it takes a little more time (and a lot of love), but we promise you: it's worth it.