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A vintage ring full of character; an icon in her own right. This model inspired by Twiggy (Lesley Hornby), her timeless and daring style, a style that continues to inspire the beauty of today.

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Twiggy ring xs 925 - Starry Night
Twiggy ring xs 925 - Starry Night

Twiggy ring

Lesley Hornby, better known as Twiggy, is an icon of the 1960s and a cultural phenomenon that changed the fashion industry forever. Twiggy had a unique look and influence in the fields of fashion, beauty and culture. Because she was influential in several areas, she was a very popular woman during these years. Below we will elaborate on her history, love life, her personal jewellery collection and our Atelier ring inspired by Twiggy.

The history of Twiggy

Lesley Hornby was born on September 19, 1949 in London, England. She grew up in the Neasden neighborhood and her childhood was anything but glamorous. Her parents were both laborers at first which meant they had a modest existence. Consequently, her father was a carpenter and her mother worked in the factory, but despite this background, Lesly dreamed of achieving something big later on. When Lesley was discovered at the age of 16 by famous hair stylist and photographer Nigel Davies, he introduced her to the world of fashion and photography. He saw potential in her unique look and under his guidance Lesly transformed into Twiggy, an iconic face of the swinging twenties.

Twiggy's real fame came when she became the face of fashion at the time in 1966. She had big eyes, a slim figure and a boyish hairdo. This made her an instantly recognizable symbol of 1960s youth culture, so she did photo shoots with such renowned photographers as Barry Lategan and Bert Stern, as well as gracing numerous covers of various fashion magazines around the world. But in addition to her modeling, Twiggy wanted more and made her acting debut in the film "The Boy Friend" (1971). This film was directed by Ken Russell and Twiggy received rave reviews for her acting skills, later appearing in several theatrical productions and television programs.

Twiggy's impact on the world went beyond her looks and performances on stage. She caused standards of beauty and style to change, where a youthful appearance and androgynous look represented a break with traditional views of femininity. Consequently, her influence on fashion and culture is still felt today.

Twiggy's love life

Besides her successful career, Twiggy's love life was also very interesting and attracted the attention of many fans and media around the world. In 1977 she married actor Michael Witney, with him she had a son named Jason. Unfortunately, this love story did not last super long because in 1983 Michael died of a tragic heart attack.

After losing her first husband, Twiggy found love again with Leigh Lawson, an actor and director. In 1988 they married again and formed a happy couple from then on, together they built a strong relationship. Furthermore, they drew a lot of support and inspiration from each other for many years. So we can say that Twiggy's love life showed a lot of resilience even in difficult times. Besides love for partners, she also had much love for her family and relatives, this shows that she had a warm and caring personality that reaches beyond the limelight of the glamour world.

Twiggy's personal jewellery collection

In addition to Twiggy's impressive career and much-discussed love life, she also has a passion for jewellery that reflects her personal style and taste. We can therefore say that her jewellery collection is a reflection of her unique personality and her love for sophisticated and timeless pieces. She is known for her penchant for elegant and understated jewellery that complements her signature style without going overboard. Listed here will be some examples that have made up her collection:

  • Delicate gold bracelet: Twiggy had a preference for simple elegance which could lead to her owning a delicate gold bracelet, any subtle engravings or a minimalist design could go well with her sophisticated look.
  • Vintage watches: A lover of timeless pieces, Twiggy owned several vintage watches, from classic models to renowned brands. What was important to her in the perfect watch was craftsmanship and heritage.
  • Simple diamond earrings: For occasions when she wanted to shine subtly, Twiggy would put in her simple diamond earrings. These timeless classics added a touch of glamour to her look without going overboard.
  • Pendant with emotional value: Twiggy had several personal pieces in her collection, some inherited by family members. This again reflects the good connection she had with her family, in this way she shows appreciation for tradition and heritage. An example of a pendant with emotional value is a locket, in which, for example, a photo of a loved one could be placed.

Twiggy as a ring

As a tribute to Twiggy and her refined sense of style, we created our own ring inspired by her iconic look and personal taste. This ring embodies the elegance and simplicity characteristic of Twiggy's aesthetic, while at the same time having a contemporary twist that fits perfectly with modern trends.
With our Twiggy-inspired ring, fashion and jewellery lovers can incorporate a piece of Twiggy's legendary style into their own collection. Whether worn as a tribute to one of fashion history's greatest style icons or simply a beautiful piece of jewellery to enjoy, this ring embodies the timeless beauty of sophistication that Twiggy is so well known for. Thus, this ring is available with different gemstones such as; malachite, white onyx, tiger's eye, lapis lazuli and heliotrope. Furthermore, only recycled 14 crt gold will be used to make it a sustainable ring.

Why choose the Twiggy ring from Vintage Jewellery?

  • Timeless elegance: The Twiggy ring captures the timeless elegance of the style icon and adds a touch of glamour to any occasion.
  • High quality materials: The use of recycled 14 crt gold ensures that this ring is still durable despite being made new. Top quality and refinement can therefore be guaranteed. Thus, our ring is made to shine for a long time.
  • Versatility: whether you're attending a formal occasion or having a casual day, this ring will match any outfit and style
  • Unique design: our ring was inspired by Twiggy's signature style, as well as a vintage ring we had in the store. The model is designed with attention to detail, making it a unique and distinctive accessory.


Twiggy was a 1960s icon on several levels. For example, she was a model and actress, but also had a love for her family which could inspire others. Our ring is timeless and combines classic elegance with retro charm. Furthermore, at Vintage Jewellery, we think sustainability is important, which is why this ring is made from recycled gold.

Please note that Vintage Jewellery Atelier rings are subject to a different delivery time of up to five weeks. These rings are "made to order" and are set by hand by our goldsmith. So it takes a little more time (and a lot of love), but we promise you: it's worth it.