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Experience comes with the years

Back to the 1970's...


The start of the jewellery shop of the Oosterloo family goes back to the year 1973. Tom Oosterloo starts the company after a period in the representation of clocks and wristwatches. The shop is initially located in a kind of garage box where Tom sells a collection of clocks and wristwatches.

The start of the vintage jeweller
Tom finds his business growing pretty fast, quite soon! He grows his curated collection of jewellery and moves to the southend in 1980. This was known as a lovely, and very busy, shopping street in North Holland. Tom settles down as one of the first vintage jewellers. He then showcases a collection of wedding rings, engagement rings, gold and silver, diamonds, and vintage watches.

Within a few years, this shop too becomes too small for the growing company. In 1999 Tom moved his precious collection to a new shop at the Kerkstraat 58; the current building. For the time being there was enough space for Tom. What sometimes concerns him though, is that there doesn't seem to be any follow up for him to take over the business. Son Julian is still discovering the diverse world of careers. In the meantime Tom's business is growing, he is buying and selling more vintage jewellery than ever before. And thereby developing the finest expertise... He becomes known for the most precious golden, silver and diamond adornments.  

Follow-up in sight!
In 2007 (Tom is then 65) there appears to be a successor for the shop! Son Julian shows interest after many other jobs. Together, they get to work looking for a solution. Till that point, Julian did not have the level of knowledge it takes to be an expert in the area of vintage jewellery. So the solution is quickly found in a part-time course for Julian. Besides studying the ins and outs and every little - but important - detail regarding the finest gold and brilliant diamonds, Julian works in the shop to get the practical experience from his father. After three years Julian is ready to take over the shop. 
With the introduction of the internet, the shop grows even further and develops into a thriving business, specializing in buying and selling vintage and second-hand jewelry. It is in 2011 when Julian decides to purchase the property behind the shop in Monnickendam, to turn that into a solid e-commerce office, enabling the shop to grow and meet the demand in the Netherlands and beyond. In this period, Julian gathers a team of four, to start building the websites for second hand jewellery, and vintage and antique jewellery. After all, there's a difference between those two and both deserve full attention!

Meeting the international demand
In order to serve the demand from abroad, develops the domain in different languages and makes sure the shop is able to ship worldwide, fast. We are now working with a team of eleven people to grow the collection to over 2000 restored unique items! Every one is specialized within his or her own field. From goldsmith to customer service, and from webmaster to photographer. One thing we all have in common: a love for amazing astonishing vintage jewellery.