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Golden pendants

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Gold entourage pendant with garnet 14 krt
Gold entourage pendant with garnet 14 krt
Pendant with cameo 12 krt
Pendant with cameo 12 krt
White gold heart pendant with diamond 18 krt
White gold heart pendant with diamond 18 krt

The finest vintage golden pendants 

A golden chain with pendant, is there anything more elegant? 
Imagine yourself in front of a mirror, wearing a simple but lovely little black dress, or silk white blouse. But then you find yourself thinking: something is missing here. But what? Well, a golden pendant on your neck is what that is! A vintage pendant brightens up every outfit in no time. Elegant, casual and classy. Choose from our exclusive collection of rich colored vintage gemstone necklace pendants. 

From cameo to diamond pendants
Golden pendants are beautiful and timeless. And in the area of vintage and antique, the choice is yours. Will you go for a white golden pendant that matches well with your diamond earrings? Or would you rather opt for pearl golden pendants since classy is your middle name. With a beautifully handcrafted cameo all eyes are pointed towards your neckline for sure, such unique quality and beauty. You might want to sparkle a diamond around your neck on a vintage pendant and enjoy yourself every time you'll pass a mirror. However, the vintage and antique pendants you discover over here, you won't find anywhere else.

Gold chains pendants
The best pendants are to be found right over here. Order your gemstone pendants online and enjoy our fast delivery! Looking for ornamental pendants? We update our online collection every week, so keep on eye out on the website. Might you prefer antique hangers over vintage, then you take a look over here. With an antique hanger you'll find something extraordinary. If you love both silver and gold pendants, then don't forget the silver pendants in our collection. The collection changes over time. Both are available as lovely gemstone pendants. 

A story in every pendant
Every pendant is unique. They all got their own story, their specific workmanship, unique shape and perhaps a personalized precious stone too. In a medaillon pendant you can quite literally carry around personal story. Like that dear little photograph or a note that got you moved once and forever. A vintage golden pendant makes a wonderful present, too. Such a gift is a reminder to one another, or makes a physical memory to a special shared moment. Once your loved one opens the little jewellery box and admires that vintage pendant, we promise your hart will glow too!

Order vintage golden pendants online
Which one of our unique items got your attention? Know that every pendant is truly one of a kind, which means we only have one of each. In our webshop you can order safe and fast. Delivery is always free. Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us! Our team of experts is happy to help you out. Order on workdays before 5 pm and receive your package the next day. Payment can be done by iDeal, Afterpay, Mastercard or Paypal.