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Advice from a goldsmith: how to maintain your jewellery.

Advice from a goldsmith: how to maintain your jewellery.


Found something special? Well, then of course you want to enjoy that piece for as long as possible! Quality is already guaranteed here, but with these tips and tricks from our own goldsmith you get the best out of every item.

Imagine, you found the vintage ring of your dreams. Then we understand that you'd like to enjoy that, well, forever. Every piece of jewellery has its own story and deserve the right treatment and care. Therefore, we asked our goldsmith his tips to maintain your item in perfect condition.

Quality First 

The enjoyment of your piece stands or falls with its quality. Now we can assure you, our collection of original vintage jewellery is of premium quality, since we only select the best pieces and skilfully restore them in their original state. With the right care, you will keep that glow forever.


In this article you'll learn everything about the cleaning of jewellery in general, taking care of gold and silver, and how to handle gemstones and pearls. Even though the most practical care is preventive: to avoid scratches and marks it is necessary to wear your pieces consciously. Are you planning to dig your garden or clean the bathroom thoroughly? Then wear gloves or simply take off you jewellery. That goes on for all sorts of intensive work. Silver, gold and gemstones don't like chemicals, or sweat. So don't wear jewellery whilst working out either. Just let them peacefully rest in a velvet box while you finish your run.

In addition, be mindful of cosmetics. You'd apply bodylotion and perfumes rather before adding jewellery then after. Don't spray your pendant or bracelet. Pamper your skin first and then let your jewellery shine on it.


Speaking of skin, the chance for discoloration is closely linked to skin. If and how a piece discolors, is actually something quite personal. That is because, discoloration depends of - among other things - the pH value and oxidation of ones skin. So a silver friendship ring discoloring faster on you than on your friends hand does not say anything about the quality of that ring, but on how it respons to your skin. Luckily, discoloration is a perfectly natural thing and easy to fix.

  • Gold
    Gold is one of the strongest materials on earth and does not discolor, normally. But, gold can become dull. You can make your gold piece shine again relatively easy and 100% safe. In order to do that you'll need some tepid water to which you add some a bit off soap. Please note, this method is only for gold pieces without gemstones and pearls. This is because soap could affect the binding between gemstones and gold. So, let your solid gold items rest in the water with soap for several minutes. Then, rub it gently with a clean cotton towel, or your fingers. After that, take them out and let them rest on some paper towel. Finally, rub it up with a clean towel until your gold is shining again!
  • Silver
    Depending on your skin, silver tends to discolor in the long run. Silver can burn green, or even black-ish. But this is nothing to worry about. Ook silver is quite easy to fix up. The best thing is, same as with gold, to use only green soap. It works the same way as well. What else you could do is use special silver polishing cloth. This is most ideal and works immediate wonders. The only thing you have to do is gently rub the surface of your silver item. Soon you'll see the dullness makes place for a shimmering glow.
  • Gemstones
    Just to be sure, you might use a special plunge pool for any pieces of jewellery that include gemstones. Dissolve this liquid in lukewarm water. Then dip you jewels into the water and wait several minutes. After, your gemstone jewels will come out shining bright. Rub it up a little, if necessary. With the special gemstone soap you make sure the gemstones won't come off.
    If you don't have this special soap at your fingertips, you can use a little ammonia dissolved in water. This makes up for the perfect polishing tool to make for instance a diamond ring shine again.
  • Pearls
    Pearls grow in fresh water and exist of 100% 'mother of pearl'. They are known for they classic beauty and actually easy to care for. This is because they 'feed' themselves with the natural oils of the skin. So do you wish to maintain your pearls in their best state? Wear them! If they go a bit dull in their box, rub them gently with a cotton towel. They will glow again within no time.

Still not sure? Let our team expert handle it! 

Are you still doubting which method applies to your piece of jewellery? Then don't hesitate to contact us and/or come by to let our skilfull goldsmiths do the job. This way you are sure your items are being taken care of the best way. And finally, wear you items with love and care!

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