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Art Deco: A Glossy Era of Style and Jewellery Splendor

Art Deco: A Glossy Era of Style and Jewellery Splendor

In this blog we will talk about Art Deco, this is a style period that has left an indelible impression on the world of art, architecture, fashion and jewellery. In this text, we will delve deeper into the fascinating history, characteristics and influences of the Art Deco style, and we will pay particular attention to the world of Art Deco jewellery.

What exactly is Art Deco?

Art Deco was created by the aftermath of World War I at the beginning of the 20th century, reaching its peak in the 1920s and 1930s. This style period is known for its lush ornaments, geometric shapes, rich colors and luxurious materials. This style has been greatly influenced by various cultures and art movements, a few examples being modernism, cubism, futurism and the geometric designs of the ancient Egyptians and Aztecs.

The distinction between Art Deco and Art Nouveau

Art Deco and Art Nouveau are two of the most influential art movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Although they both played an important role in the development of modern art and design, there are notable differences between the two styles.

Art Nouveau originated in the late 19th century and is characterized by organic shapes, wavy lines and an emphasis on natural motifs such as flowers, leaves and animals. People therefore associate this style with elegance and sophistication, they have many details and are made. In addition, materials such as colored glass, ivory, enamel gemstones are used to accentuate the organic shapes and patterns.

Art deco, on the other hand, originated in the early 20th century as a reaction to the overly decorative nature of Art Nouveau. Thus, as somewhat described above, Art Deco is focused on clean lines, geometric shapes and an emphasis on modernity and technology. This style reflects the rise of machine aesthetics and the changing world after World War I. Art Deco jewellery is often bold and striking, using materials such as platinum, white gold and diamonds to create streamlined shapes and abstract patterns.

In short, while Art Nouveau focuses on organic forms and natural motifs, Art Deco is known for its clean, geometric designs and modern aesthetic. Both represent a unique era in art history and have had their own influence on the development of design and aesthetics in the 20th century.

Characteristics of Art Deco Jewellery

According to many people, Art Deco style jewellery perfectly reflects the aesthetic and spirit of the style period. Thus, these jewellery pieces are striking, elegant and full of character. Some distinctive elements of Art Deco jewellery include:

  • Geometric shapes: Art Deco jewellery is often made with clean lines, triangles, circles and rectangles to create striking and symmetrical designs.
  • Fine gemstones: A variety of (often subtle) gemstones are used in Art Deco jewellery including; diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies. These gemstones are carefully selected and set to enhance the design and create a sense of luxury and wealth.
  • Platinum and white gold: These two precious metals were very popular during the Art Deco period because of their bright and cool appearance. These metals can allow different gemstones to be beautifully accented.
  • Filigree and engravings: What is also characteristic of Art Deco jewellery is that they contain detailed filigree work and intricate engravings, these add to the sophisticated and artisanal look of jewellery with this style.
  • Exotic motifs: Finally, Art Deco jewellery is often inspired by exotic cultures and travels. From Egyptian hieroglyphics to Chinese dragons, these are just some of the motifs often found in Art Deco designs.

Famous Art Deco designers

Several famous jewellery designers contributed to the flowering of Art Deco jewellery. Some of the most famous names include:

  • Cartier: This prestigious jewellery house created some of the most iconic Art Deco jewellery of the 20th century. Their designs combine craftsmanship with innovative styles and materials.
  • Van Cleef & Arpels: This luxury brand is known for its sophisticated and elegant Art Deco creations. Van Cleef & Arpels jewellery was known for its intricate patterns, vibrant colors and exceptional craftsmanship.
  • Boucheron: Boucheron's jewellery was stunning, but especially when platinum was used. Their jewellery was daring, avant-garde and reflected the times spirit.
  • Jean Despres: Jean Despres was one of the leading avant-garde jewellery designers of his time. He was best known for his bold and experimental approach to Art Deco.

A notable event

A notable event related to the Art Deco movement was the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Modern Architecture, held in Paris in 1925. This exhibition, also known as the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, marked the heyday of the Art Deco style. The event brought together designers, artists and architects from around the world and served as a platform to present the innovative and avant-garde designs of the Art Deco movement to an international audience. The exhibition covered a wide range of disciplines, including architecture, furniture design, fashion, jewellery and graphic art. The success of the exhibition contributed to the worldwide popularity of the Art Deco style and established it as one of the most influential design movements of the 20th century.

The influence of Art Deco on contemporary jewellery

Although the Art Deco period came to an end in the 1930s, the influence of the style continues to this day in the world of jewellery. Contemporary designers still draw inspiration from the aesthetics and innovative spirit of Art Deco, many pieces are then still created in tribute to this rich style period.

In conclusion, Art Deco jewellery is more than just an accessory. They are a symbol of elegance, craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Whether it is a classic diamond ring, a bold bracelet or a sophisticated pendant, Art Deco jewellery remains a cherished choice for lovers of sophisticated style and timeless class. With their unique combination of geometric shapes, gemstones and fine details, Art Deco jewellery continues to fascinate and inspire, generation after generation.

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