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Jewellery musthaves: 5x classy items that every woman should own

Jewellery musthaves: 5x classy items that every woman should own

Jewellery musthaves: 5x classy items that every woman should own

Looking for new jewellery musthaves to expand your personal collection? Forget about trends and hypes and invest in classic beauties instead. We made you a list with our favorite timeless items for every woman.

A piece of jewellery is something quite personal. It is an investment that maybe has a symbolic meaning for you. Or you just love the beauty of it. So to make sure you truly and intrinsically love that piece, choose items that are not necessarily trendy, but really fit your personal style. Can't see the wood for the trees? We've got you covered with our list of five classic items every woman should own.


Diamonds are called forever (*Shirley Bassey voice*) for a reason. It's kind of like a sparkling spell: once you got captivated by the overwhelming beauty of diamond, you can never go back. You can't unsee the shimmering, won't settle for less ever again. The word 'diamond' stems from the Greek 'adamas', which means 'invincible'. So it probably doesn't surprise you that diamond is practically indestructible. There exists no stronger natural material anywhere on earth. Other than the physical properties, diamond has an irresistible attraction. The sparkle that shows after the cutting process is often called dazzlingly beautiful. So whether diamond is incorporated in an engagement ring, twinkling in a fine little necklace, or boldly glittering in gold earrings: real diamond is never not a succes. You find our collection of diamond pieces right here.

Make a statement

Do you feel naked when not wearing earrings, too? Gold or silver, hoops or hangers: with earrings you'll make a statement instantly, because they enrich your look and sight and you get to choose how. Vintage earrings provide you with a classy, sophisticated sight. Subtle stud earrings keep things simply elegant, plus they are nice to pair with a lovely necklace. Whilst chandelier earrings or eccentric art deco earrings set the tone immediately: go bold or go home.

Chain reaction

We at Vintage Jewellery are personally very charmed by gold chains. Whether you combine a subtle necklace with a lovely pendant or just wear a chain made out of coarse links: you simply can't go wrong. Not only is gold a smart investment, it's a 'color' that suits everybody and will give any garment more panache. Also, did you know there exists different shades of gold? There's yellow gold, which is what most people know as the 'normal' shade, but also white- and rose gold. Depending on the carat, process and age gold can be more dark, light, yellow or pinkish. The shade of white gold is more similar to silver or platina. Either way, a gold chain is one the classic jewellery musthaves for every woman - and man!


A beautiful vintage ring is something that makes your individuality really come out. Choose a colorful gemstone like ruby or sapphire for instance, or red coral which matches (yellow)gold perfectly. A way to find find out which gemstone suits you is to research your birthstone. Diamond, for instance, is April's stone, opal belongs to October, and if you are born in January you might tend to garnet. The funny part is that we sometimes already feel attracted to a stone that belongs to our birth month, without knowing. That's the mysterious and gorgeous energy of vintage gemstone rings.

A piece if history

Did you know the Ancient Greeks and Romans first worn bracelets? Therefore, a piece timeless and classic like that we must include in our list of jewellery musthaves. Back then it was mostly silver and metal bracelets, decorated with colored glass and stones. (Much) later, gold became popular. Some of our favorites and classic musthaves are bangles and chain bracelets, or as most people know them, the closed forever bracelet. Bracelets like that are never too much, but striking enough to wear on its own. Looking for something more unique? Take a look at our original garnet bracelets. Because these little pieces of art definitely steal the show (and your heart).

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