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The 9 streets

The 9 streets

The 9 streets is an incredibly popular area in Amsterdam with various shops and many options for cosy dining. The area is named after the number of streets connecting the main canals: the Singel and Heren-, Keizers-, and Prinsengracht. The cosy neighbourhood can be recognised by its artisanal and creative atmosphere in the streets. If you are going to visit Amsterdam, the 9 streets are the place to go and be surprised by the beautiful surroundings.

Location of the 9 streets

The streets are in the middle of the ring of canals. Just behind the Palace on Dam Square and in between the Westertoren, Leidsegracht and the Spui. The 9 Streets consists of the following streets: Gasthuismolensteeg, Oude Spiegelstraat, Wijde Heisteeg, Hartenstraat, Wolvenstraat, Huidenstraat, Reestraat, Berenstraat and Runstraat.


The 9 streets provide a great overview of what Amsterdam looked like in the 17th century. The idea of the area came from a shopkeeper, to turn the area into a real shopping neighbourhood. So, as mentioned earlier, the 9 streets consist of 9 different streets, each with a separate name.

The names of Wolvenstraat, Reestraat, Hartstraat and Bearstraat, for instance, owe their names to the fact that these streets used to trade with all these animals' skins. Run street owes its name to the fact that the meaning of run also refers to a commodity traded in this street at the time.

Run is a word used for the ground oak bark that was used to turn animal hides into leather.

Types of branches

In the 9 streets you will not only find countless different restaurants and cafés but also various types of shops. There are clothes shops, art outlets, modern and vintage shops, for instance. Over four centuries, there is an artisanal and creative atmosphere.

Feel free to take a look around the streets and at our shop on Gasthuismolensteeg.

From eateries to art expansions

Besides countless eateries and shops, the 9 streets bring with them the opportunity for art displays. For instance, there are art galleries hidden among the streets where you can admire local, but also international creative expressions.

Culinary occasions

Amsterdam offers a matching restaurant for every preference in this part of town. Ranging from cosy cafés to sophisticated restaurants, there is something for every taste. The 9 streets is a compact area, so you can easily wander through the streets and discover different eateries.

Art and culture

The 9 streets is known for its beautiful artistic and creative atmosphere. This is reflected in the various art movements that can be found. These include painting, sculpture, photography, design and decorative art, street art, mixed media, digital art and illustrations.

Hidden courtyards

After all the shopping or checking out creative galleries, retreating for a break is also essential. This can be done perfectly in the quiet, hidden courtyards. These hidden oases both offer a peaceful escape from the urban bustle and let you enjoy a touch of relaxation. Some courtyards even have seating areas, allowing you to absorb the atmosphere of the historic area even better.

Seasonal events

Throughout the year, the 9 streets have various events and markets. These include summer art festivals and cosy Christmas markets. The 9 streets bustle with various activities. In winter, the streets are beautifully lit and shops are decorated in holiday themes. So it is still fun to go out and explore the streets in the middle of the December cold.

Sustainability in the 9 streets

The 9 streets are home to many shops focused on selling sustainable products. From boutiques selling second-hand clothes to specialised shops selling vintage jewellery, there is room for every kind of sustainable chain. In today's society, awareness of sustainability is growing enormously, which has led to an increased demand for ecologically responsible products. Several companies see this behaviour reflected in consumers and are striving to make product offerings more sustainable.

The increasing popularity of sustainable chains is not only due to growing environmental awareness, but also to the fact that consumers are actively contributing to combating climate change. At a time like this when everyone is urged to do their bit for a more sustainable world, these shops are much needed in promoting environmentally responsible consumption.

All in all, the sustainable shops in the 9 Streets reflect not only the growing demand for environmentally conscious products, but also the evolving role of companies in promoting a more sustainable world.

Walking around

Don't feel like shopping but want to stretch your legs? Then the 9 streets are a nice trip. From Amsterdam Central Station, the quickest route is via Herengracht or Singel to Gasthuismolensteeg, where our shop is located, in the heart of the 9 streets. From Leidseplein, get to Runstraat via Prinsengracht. Besides the many chain shops, there are also numerous options for coffee and lunch.

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