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Gold medallion with engraving 14 krt
Gold medallion with engraving 14 krt
Pendant with cameo 12 krt
Pendant with cameo 12 krt

Vintage jewellery voor ladies and gentlemen

We gladly provide everyone with an extraordinary jewel to enjoy for the rest of their life. Therefore, we offer a wide range of vintage and antique jewellery at Vintagejewellery. Besides the exceptional craftmanship and fine details, one carries a story with a jewel like that. A unique vintage ring, brooch or necklace might be about 80 to 100 years old. One can pleasantly dream away with the idea of their white golden ring having been worn by men and women of the 1930's and 1950's. 

Moreover, it says a lot about the quality of such an antique pair of earrings or necklace. Jewels from the art deco or art nouveau era, that have been well preserved, only need small - but skillfully - renovation, to last another lifetime. This way we use the most beautiful and precious jewels that are already on our planet, made with exquisite materials from nature.  

Even though jewellery is quite often considered an item for women, we do have beautiful jewellery for men too. Think of a stately signet ring to complete your gents look. Or a subtle golden earring. And of course, vintage golden necklaces are pleasing to the eye for any gentleman with style. 

Order retro and vintage jewelry online


With us you can be sure of a reliable and safe online purchase. Our team of experts with 45 years of experience is always glad to help. Moreover, we make sure delivery will went as smoothly and fastly as possible. Ordering on workdays before 17:00 means next day delivery. Payment methods are iDeal, Mastercard, Paypal or klarna. 

Would you like to make a gift of that special antique brooch or vintage coral ring? That is possible! Contact us by phone or email and we'll arrange a nice packing, eventually with a personal message.